This page is intended to give you all the information needed to upload KPIs in to Lead Intelligence.


1. Preparing the file

To upload KPI data to Lead Intelligence, you will first need to create a CSV file containing the information you want to feed in to Lead Intelligence.


This CSV should include 1 or 2 columns, with no header row, depending on what data you want to upload.


For example, if you want to track conversions, you can upload the email addresses of the leads that have converted (or any other uniquely identifiable information):


If you want to track the number of purchases made by each lead, you could use the email address and an integer, for example:,1,3,2


When you have included all the information you require, save the file as a "CSV (Comma delimited)" file.


2. Navigating to the KPI Upload page


When your CSV file is completed, please navigate to KPI Upload in Lead Intelligence by doing the following:


·  Log in to your Lead Intelligence Advertiser account

·  Select the campaign you would like to upload KPI data for from the list displayed on the Homepage

·  From the top menu, please select Data Management

·  From the sub menu display beneath the top menu, please select KPI Upload


3. KPI Upload Form


You will now see the KPI Upload form, containing the following fields:

·  Name - Give a reference name to your upload to easily track and audit it in the future

·  Advertiser KPI ID - Select the KPI you would like to upload data to

·  Unique Key Type - Select the identifying information associated with your KPI data

·  Data Type - Select the format of the data you are uploading from the following:

o  nodata - Only the identifying information is found in your CSV file

o  textdata - A string of text and numbers

o  doubledata - A number containing decimals

o  integerdata - A whole number (no decimals)

·  On duplicate - Select what to do if data already has been associated with the specific lead and Advertiser KPI Id:

o  ignore - Ignore the data completely

o  overwrite - Overwrite the existing data with the new data

o  merge - Merge the existing data with the new data (For text, this will be appended to the end of the string, for numbers, the new data will be added to the existing data)

·  File - Select the location of your CSV file


When you have completed the form, click Submit to upload the KPI data to Lead Intelligence.


Below the KPIs Upload Form is the Previous Uploads page which give you a breakdown of the current upload or of all the other recent uploads.