Lead Intelligence allows you to set up as many pixels as you would like and these can (depending on campaigns) be fired both server side and client side.


1. Supported Pixels


Lead Intelligence supports the following pixel types:

·  Cookie based image pixel

·  Sub-id based image pixel

·  Sub-id based server to server pixel (Callback URL)


Lead Intelligence does NOT support the following pixel types:

·  Javascript based pixels of any sort

·  To confirm that Lead Intelligence supports your pixel, please contact the support team, who can be reached by phoning +44 (0)207 100 0323 or alternatively send an email to support@leadintelligece.co.uk


2. Navigating to the Managed Tracking page


To set up your pixel you first have to navigate to the Managed Tracking section in Lead Intelligence.


·  Log in to your Lead Intelligence Advertiser account

·  Select the campaign you would like to set up a pixel for from the list displayed on the Homepage

·  From the top menu, please select Ad Management

·  From the sub menu, please select “Managed Tracking”


3. Setting up your pixel


To create a new pixel, click "Add"


This will display a new row with the following columns:


·  Id: 
Automatically assigned number to uniquely identify your pixel

·  Position: 
If you have several pixels, which pixel should fire first (Starts with 0)

·  Fire: 
Select if you want the pixel to be fired

·  Action: 
Set to "none"

·  Tracking Type: 
Set to "every_payable_lead"

·  Fire Location: 
Choose whether to fire the pixel server or client side

·  Base URL:
The base URL is the URL found within your pixel. Please make sure not to include any HTML code. There are four parameters available to you:

·  [TRANSACTIONID] - The unique identifier assigned to every lead by Lead Intelligence

·  [TIMESTAMP] - Unix timestamp

·  [SOURCEDATA] - Your sub-id, passed as &sourceData=[SOURCEDATA] in the URL for microsites or &source_data=[SOURCEDATA] for co-registration

        · [SOURCEAFFILIATEID] - in the ad snippet you can define at server time any affiliate identifier to be passed back in tracking. we can break down our reports by          any supplied addiliate identifier.

·  [REVENUE] - The commission earned for the lead as calculated by Lead Intelligence


When you have finished setting up the pixel, please click "SAVE".


You are now ready to test the pixel. Please make sure to use "Test" as first name and last name to ensure that the test registration is automatically scrubbed.


4. Examples


A few examples of valid Base URLs:


·  https://www.example.com/pixel/pixel.jpg

·  http://www.example.com/pixel/pixel.php

·  https://www.example.com/pixel/pixel.jpg?unique=[TRANSACTIONID]

·  http://www.example.com/pixel/pixel.php?unique=[TRANSACTIONID]&source=[SOURCEDATA]&time=[TIMESTAMP]&revenue=[REVENUE]

·  A few examples of invalid Base URLs:

·  https://www.example.com/pixel/pixel.js - Javascript is not supported

·  <img src="http://www.example.com/pixel/pixel.jpg" border="0" width="1" height="1" /> - Includes HTML, correct implementation would be http://www.example.com/pixel/pixel.jpg

·  <script src="http://www.example.com/pixel/pixel.js" />


5. Hints & Tips


To reorder the firing position of the pixel, simply click and drag the pixels to the desired positions

Lead Intelligence automatically embeds the pixels in an <img /> tag. Check with your technical department if the pixel can be fired using this tag.