1. Set the rates in the Commercials tab.

2. Navigate to the Reports tab and filter the leads that need the reprising by selecting the following:

  • Advertiser
  • Ad
  • Source
  • Date/Time (current month)

3. Scroll to the Payable Leads table and expand the row to the Source level as shown in the image below.

4. Click on the Total Payable value i.e. the value bordered in red in the above image and the Reprise window will appear as shown in the below screenshot.

5. (Optional) If you need to only reprise for a certain Source Affiliate of a Publisher, insert the exact name into the text box.

6. Click the Reprice button to trigger the update.

7. Once the reprise has been completed, a pop-up will appear to show the reprise lead count.

8. Click Close and re-run the report to view the updated figures.


  • To keep track of all the price changes, they can be found in the History section. (Ad Management > Select Advertiser & Ad > History)
  • Leads can only be reprised for the current month and attempt to reprise previous month will result in the below error message being displayed.