If you get back an error message like below or similar to the below when uploading via CSV or post string:

Invalid SurnameAndGlobalTelephone: null

This means that there is an issue with the validity of the telephone number we’ve processed from your file.

This could be:

a) That the number hasn’t translated properly from your file, e.g. it’s not uncommon for numbers to be passed to us which saved with Excel symbols attached.

b) The order of the file versus the order of the fields selected in your Selected Fields column (CSV Upload) may not match.

c) The number is invalid based on the phone valid we use.

The phone validator we use for verification is the Google Phone Library which is the technology used across Google Android handsets.

In this instance you should use the tester:


The results will show 2 key fields:

isPossibleNumber - quickly guesses whether a number is a possible phone number by using only the length information, so that will give you an idea on what is acceptable in terms of length for a country.

isValidNumber - is full validation for a number which tests country code, area code and the actual number combined (this is our deal breaker for a valid lead). (If it doesn’t pass here, it won’t pass on Lead Intelligence).