The top level navigation tabs will provide you with more options in the form of tabs underneath.


By clicking on the arrow buttons next to column headings you can select how to sort the information and chose which columns you would like to hide and view.


Selecting boxes and clicking save will change settings. It is important that you always click on the 'Save' buttons when amending or adding details as it won't be saved automatically. Reset will clear all fields so you will have to enter them again.


Using the arrow button on the right will hide and show the information you wish to view and the question mark button will give you more detail regarding the information below. 


Clicking on CSV or PDF will download the invoices to your computer.


The drop-down menus allows you to select the advert you would like to view data for. They will appear at the top of most of the pages. You can also click within them and type manually to find the advert you would specifically like to view without having to go through the list.


Drop-down menus supply options to choose from and the boxes are required fields for you to fill in manually. Pressing save will change, add or update settings in any part of the software. It is essential that you save or update anything you wish to change as they will not save automatically.


The change/browse button allows you to search your computer for files to upload. Remove will delete the current file you have uploaded. Again, clicking save will save any changes you make and must be done after to avoid losing them.