This section will cover commonly used terms you will encounter in Lead Intelligence.

These terms are to be used for guidance and are not binding in any way, they are simplified terms created to give you a basic understanding of the terminology used in Lead Intelligence. If you have any questions regarding the terms below, or any other questions, please contact support by phone +44 (0)207 100 0323 or by emailing


  • Personal contact details and other household data relating to a person that has shown his/her intention to engage with the advertiser, obtained from a Publisher and processed in Lead Intelligence
  • Please refer to the Internet Advertising Bureau 


  • Any marketing or lead generation campaign initiated by an Advertiser and controlled by an agency, Ad-network or advertiser running in Lead Intelligence

Valid Lead:

  • A Lead that satisfies the validity rules set for a specific campaign as specified in Lead Intelligence

Invalid Lead:

  • Any Lead that is deemed invalid because it fails to meet the validity rules set for a specific campaign as specified in Lead Intelligence

Quarantined Lead:

  • Any Lead that is deemed valid, but is delivered after any of the following caps are met:
    • Campaign budget
    • Campaign total lead cap
    • Campaign monthly lead cap
    • Campaign daily lead cap
    • Campaign end date
    • Publisher total lead cap
    • Publisher monthly lead cap
    • Publisher daily lead cap
    • Publisher Budget cap
  • A quarantined lead will never be delivered to the Advertiser until an agreement is reached between the party controlling the campaign and the Publisher to release the quarantined leads and is therefore deemed non-payable until released.

Scrubbed Lead:

  • Any lead that has been deemed invalid after being delivered to the Advertiser for any of the following reasons or any other reason stated in the agreement between the publisher and advertiser:
    • Test lead
    • Phone number does not exist
    • Fraudulent

Bounced Lead:

  • Any lead that is deemed invalid because the email address hard bounced the welcome email sent by Lead Intelligence. This means that the email cannot be delivered under any circumstances. Examples of a hard bounce are:
    • Email address does not exist
    • Domain does not exist

Zero-Priced Lead

  • A lead which does not have a cost assigned to it. Once it’s assigned a cost it will be a payable lead.

Single Opt-In (SOI)

  • A Single Opt-in lead is simply when a person provides their email address to a company. You sign up but never receive a confirmation email from the company.

Double Opt-In (DOI)

  • When a person signs up to a company through email (SOI), which is immediately followed by a message to that email address confirming your registration. E.g. Thank you for registering, click here to authenticate your account.
  • If the lead is not authenticated, this lead will remain a SOI.